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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a lot of people have been saying these "occupy" protests don't have a focus but this one is directed at the police department. they are calling what happened last night when they had their encampment at frank ogawa plaza disrupted they are calling that police brutality. staging at the oakland coliseum, oakland police along with hundreds of officers from neighboring agencies launched their occupy raid before dawn. about 4:30 they took down the encampment. >> people who wanted to leave were allowed to. 30 people left on their own without incident. >> those remaining inside of frank ogawa plaza, you are arrested. >> reporter: the police force was met with resistance and anger. [ yelling ] >> reporter: at least 75 people were arrested initially and
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more were arrested as protestors confronted police. >> pigs! >> reporter: the city says it moved in because the site was unsanitary and unsafe. while protestors had set up a first aid tent there were reports that police and firefighters and ambulance crews were turned away when they went to the scene and one person was alleged lay assaulted. police pulled out knives stored inside a tree. the city repeatedly warned protestors they would be moved out. police report protestors were throwing firecrackers at them. >> we deployed tear gas to effect an arrest where we were being pelted with rocks, bottles and other kitchen utensils. >> reporter: police say no protestors and officers were not injured but that's not to say people were not left unscathed. a similar incident happened at merit lake where protestors were removed. >> no one told me to stand
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back. if you stand back i'm going to stand back i'm going to arrest you. i was passing up a football tackle. it's completely ridiculous. i was broadsided. >> reporter: the wreckage left find both parks looked like the aftermath of a tornado. and you're looking at live pictures from chopper 5 of the protest in front of the public library at 14th and madison. we did get an update from the sheriff's department about the number of people arrested. it's now at 106. i have to tell you depending who you talk to the facts are different. today the police chief was asked pointedly whether or not he was pleased with what happened in the overnight hours. he said he was because no one was injured. allen, though, the people here claim that in fact there were two people who have broken hands and another person with a head injury. >> in terms of the numbers, the size of the crowd, how would you compare the numbers of demonstrators we have tonight compared to what the size of the occupy campers was like? >> we think that there's about
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500 here today there. were about 200 there in the overnight hours. i do have to tell you though, allen, early on in today's rally they were asking people how many of you were here in the encampment last night and only a handful of people showed up or raised their hands. so clearly this is a different group than the people who have been camping out in front of city hall for the last two weeks. >> would seem like it. thank you. you can do the math. hundreds of people, not enough bathrooms. and not a lot of places to throw trash away. christin ayers is at the plaza to show us the mess left behind. christin. >> reporter: for a couple weeks now elizabeth the front of city hall has looked like tent city. look at it now. you can see the barriers, the police presence there, and behind that a number of trash trucks. those all collecting waste as the clean-up continues. city officials say they are finding everything from human waste to dirty needles on the city hall lawn. and city employees charged with cleaning it up claim they feel
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unsafe. >> the police chief think an amazingly good job. nobody was hurt. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan in washington, d.c. praising city officials for a predawn police raid that ended with dozens of "occupy oakland" protestors in cuffs. their tents torn down and belongings confiscated in a cloud of tear gas. >> all persons remaining inside of snow park are under arrest. >> reporter: hundreds of officers from 15 different agencies throughout the bay area stormed the tent city early this morning making at least 79 arrests. but protestors say the scene was nothing short of chaotic. >> i was one of the first people arrested and the police officer just grabbed me from behind, uhm, and i was like, why are you arresting city in i'm being peaceful. >> this was not to be thought through and our workers are feeling like they're in an unsafe position right now. >> reporter: unions representing city officials say it was a poorly planned raid that once the protestors were detained, public works employees were forced to take
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on a biohazard situation handling staggering filth from human waste to dirty needles all with little preparation or protection. >> they were told that when they arrived at work, they were to pull down structures, given rubber gloves and were not given any kind of safety equipment. >> reporter: speaking to cbs 5 off camera, city officials said this morning they still don't know how long this clean-up will take. they were still trying to figure out where the trash will be dumped and how protestors can recover what's left. for now, city hall remains steeled off to the public. city workers plan to reopen as soon as practical but the mayor says there will be no overnight camping protests here again. now, we don't know exactly how that's going to be enforced. we do know there is a march planned here. they are saying at 5:00. so any minute now people expected to come this way to demonstrate. city officials elizabeth have not given me an exact number on how much all of this has cost
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them so far. >> christin, thanks. in san francisco, despite a new warning to limit demonstrations, about 200 people are camped out at justin herman plaza. this morning officers told protestors that if they stay around the clock they may face arrest for illegal camping or stanation violations. however, sources tell cbs 5 that at this point no plans are in place to force the protestors out. in san jose, an "occupy" protestser is gearing up for another night atop a large wall outside city hall. sean o'kelly says won't come down until officers stop removing other protestors from the plaza below. police arrested seven "occupy san jose" demonstrators this morning. officials say they won't remove o'kelly but he could be cited or arrested when he comes down. we'll follow the latest developments on the "occupy" protests. you can also find updates on president obama back in the bay area today. it was his latest stop on a
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multiday fundraising swing through the western united states. now, supporters here paid thousands of dollars for the chance to hear him speak. joe vazquez reports they heard a lot about one thing, the economy. joe. >> reporter: that is the case. you know, about 1,000 demonstrators were saying the same thing. outside the "w" hotel back here, in fact, most of those demonstrators were supporting issues on the left side of the political spectrum. inside the hotel, supporters paid a pretty penny to see the president speak. arriving at the san francisco airport this afternoon, president obama didn't just greet mayor ed lee and didn't just kiss a baby. he kissed a crying baby and despite her once in a lifetime moment, little josey just could not be consoled until she was given the presidential seal. >> really exciting. we had josey at the front of the line here and president obama came up and grabbed her and she was crying and he cradled her and she stopped crying and handed her back.
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>> reporter: but once his motorcade brought him into the city all signs pointed to a real discontent, a feeling that his country is in trouble. a sentiment the president acknowledged at a fundraiser inside the "w" hotel. >> if we wanted businesses to come here we have to invest in bridges, roads, airports, wireless infrastructure and a smart grid. >> reporter: he told the guests the country needs to invest more in the future. he even invoked a bay area icon. >> we have lost our ambition, our imagination and our willingness to do the things that built the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: he says he needs more time to make changes. he says he even keeps track of his promises on the last campaign on a checklist. >> we have gotten 60% done so far. >> whoo. [ applause ] >> in three years. but i -- [ applause ] >> but i need another five to get the other 40% done. [ applause and cheers ] >> 40% like i have to go to
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grad school tonight, right? if i accomplish 40%, i think i would be flunked. >> what's your take? >> 20. >> you think it's more like 20%? >> yup. >> reporter: but away from the crowds of protestors, those who lingered for a fleeting glance at the commander-in-chief seemed a little more patient. >> statistics show in your first term of presidency you're still suffering the ramifications of the previous presidencies so i would tell obama continue onward. >> reporter: the president has continued onward to denver for his next campaign stop. his main theme through this entire western swing allen has been that he is going to try and get this economy going even if congress can't help him. will he be able to? hey, if he can comfort a crying baby and get it to stop, maybe there's hope. >> and for his approval numbers, i'm sure, because they have been going down even in california. >> reporter: absolutely the case. a lot of folks on the left side of the spectrum here you saw folks who support ecology to
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medical marijuana, they want more done. if it's 40%, they want more. >> joe vazquez in san francisco, thank you. a bay area gas line ruptures prompting evacuations this afternoon. what caused the leak and the other pipeline blast similar to the one in san bruno. he was passed out wearing a halloween costume when bay area police shot him. the prop that drew gunfire. why would we want them to get diseases that could be eradicated? >> why boys are now urged to get a vaccine that's currently given to girls. ,, ,,,,
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some road closures and a small-scale evacuation in sn jose. the 32 a natural gas leak this afternoon forced road closures and a small scale evacuation in san jose. the 3200 block of zanker road was closed after construction crews ruptured a 3" pipeline about 2:30. one building was evacuated as a
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precaution. pg&e capped that leak at about 3:30. gas service to the neighborhood we are told was not affected. a pg&e pipeline that supplies much of the bay area's natural gas blew up just as the utility was preparing to boost pressure to meet winter demand. >> it happened yesterday near bakersfield along a section of a line that runs from the arizona border to milpitas. pg&e says crews were pressure testing the line when a seam ruptured and blasted a crater into a farmer's field. it's similar to the cause of last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. they are trying to assure the system is safe. police said a man shot by officers at a san jose hotel was carrying a fake gun that may have been part of a halloween costume. a clerk at the extended stay hotel on brokaw called 911 sunday about a suspicious man sleeping in a stairwell. police say haier gonzalez guerrero reached for the gun
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when they woke him up. officers shot javier several times. he is however expected to recover. no word on whether he is going to be charged with any crime. it used to be a girl thing. now it's also recommended for boys. the new recommendation to protect against a harmful virus. pretty surprised it got through all the safety stuff. >> a tiny toy that can cause big problems. the damage it can do with those eyes. and the coast is clear. tomorrow's going to pan out to be a slightly warmer day but wind-swept blue skies, pinpoint forecast when we return. ,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose.
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it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] right now in oakland. hundrs of occupy protestors have gathered in front of the live pictures courtesy of chopper 5 over oakland right now. hundreds of "occupy" protestors and their supporters have gathered in front of the city library. now, cbs 5 has learned they are planning to march back to city hall. now this follows today's early- morning raid at frank ogawa plaza. police swept through their camp this morning. they arrested more than 00 people. mayor quan says sanitary and public safety concerns forced the city to clear out the camp. we'll keep an eye on this and bring out latest information as it warrants. federal health advisors recommend a vaccine now given to girls should also be given
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to boys. the shots protects against hpv. dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: hpv stands for human papilloma virus. it's the most common cause of cervical cancer. boys can spread the virus to girls. if boys are vaccinated it may protect them against cancer later in life according to experts. suzie silver thought it was in her son's best interest to have him vaccinated against the human papilloma virus. >> making sure that he is safe, making sure that the women that he is with in the future are safe. >> reporter: now a government panel is recommending all 11- and 12-year-old boys receive the vaccine to prevent the sexually transmitted virus. the shots are already recommended for girls and young women because hpv increase the risk of cervical cancer. >> the hpv can be transmitted from girls to boys and from boys to girls very easily and led to the development of the recommendation that the boys also receive the vaccination.
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>> reporter: for boys, the h pv vaccine is currently licensed to protect against genital warrants and anal cancer which rare cancer is on the rise. many scientists believe the vaccine may protect against one type of oral cancer. the centers for disease control and prevention says the key is for boys and girls to get vaccinated before becoming sexually active. silver says the decision for her was ease. >> why would we want them to get diseases that can be eradicated? >> she is trying to do what's best for me. i think it was the right decision. >> reporter: the cdc is expected to approve the panel's recommendation and insurance would pay for boys to get vaccinated too. a lot of people hope that by vaccinating the boys it may help offset the low rate of vaccination in girls. only a third of girls have gotten all three hpv shots so there's a long way to go there. >> sure. >> thank you, dr. kim. netflix took a beating today. shares plunged 35%. that was after the company
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revealed that thousands of customers ditched the service in the last few months. angered over the price increases and other changes at netflix that company has lost more than 800,000 customers since june. that's about 200,000 less than they anticipated, though. and actually netflix is saying it expects more people to opt out in the coming months. president obama is out west, one of his rivals is down south trying to give his campaign a boost with a sweeping new economic plan. texas governor rick perry is in the early primary state of south carolina to outline a proposal he calls cut, balance and grow. it includes a 20% flat tax, private social security accounts, and lower corporate taxes. >> it reorders the way they do business in washington by reinventing the tax code. >> perry hopes his new plan will re-energize his base. a new cbs news/new york times poll shows he has slipped to
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third place among gop voters. he led the poll last month. the new front-runner is herman cain who shot to the top thanks in part to his 9-9-9 tax plan. mitt romney is hanging on to the number 2 spot. time to go on to the weather plan. roberta i know you're going to talk about the red flag fire warning. >> absolutely. that's in effect from now until thursday. when we have the lack of marine layer influence, we have elevated fire danger. let's step on outside right now and look at this right here. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out from the transamerica building. wow! blue skies over the bay. we're currently in the low 60s. compare that with at least a good 45 miles inland we now take you to -- we were hoping to take you to dublin where we could see the wind beginning to increase. but right now temperature-wise, we are into the 60s. it is 61 degrees in san francisco. 67 degrees across the santa clara valley in san jose. boy, get out that extra blanket. tonight temperatures dropping down into the 40s and into the
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50s. 43 degrees in fremont. back in through union city. three things i want you to keep in mind. first, tonight we have the clear skies and we have the increasing winds especially the higher elevations. tomorrow, an offshore flow kicks in with extremely dry winds. and we have no rain, absolutely no rain in the forecast all the way through the 8th day of november. fire weather alert, it's a red flag warning now in effect for the north and eastern portion of our district in the highest elevations above 1,000 feet. wind gusts up to 40. take a look at this. this is interesting. what do you see here? you see a marine layer and it fades out then takes off out over the west and now you see absolutely nothing. this is what an offshore flow looks like and that is what we are going to be experiencing at least for the next seven days because an area of low pressure passes to the north of us. as it did so, it's now allowing some real estate for this area of high pressure to build in and expand. so the winds now rotate from the north and the northeast,
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transporting those dry desert winds towards our area. lower humidity, elevated fire danger. 74 tomorrow in san jose and in santa clara. meanwhile 70s pretty common across the eastern portion of the bay area up to about 75, 76 degrees. there you have the 10-degree temperature span also into bodega bay. there tough sun, sun, more sunshine -- there you have, sun, sun and more sunshine through the weekend. temperatures staying seasonal into the 50s at the coast and 60s all the way up into the 70s inland. that is your pinpoint forecast. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up in 10 minutes and we have the pleasure of having scott with us here in san francisco tonight. >> he is in studio with a preview. welcome. >> great to be with you. we almost had to be in san francisco today with the evening news since it seemed like all the news in the country converged in the bay area. we were with the president of course today in san francisco. we had our reporter john blackstone in oakland who was working on the story of the
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"occupy wall street" protestors being evicted from their grounds over there. and then finally today, we did a terrific interview with susan desmond helmond the chancellor of the university of california- san francisco a brilliant woman with a lot of interesting things to say about how to get the economy in this country moving again. >> see you in 10 minutes. >> thank you. ,,
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occupy oakland are on the m. they've left the library and it ading want to update our top story for you. supporters of "occupy oakland" are on the move now. they have left the library. it's believed they are headed to city hall. they are showing their support for the 100 or so protestors who were arrested at the occupy camp in oakland this morning. again, we will keep an eye on this as it develops. a novelty company in new york is promising to fix a problem with a popular halloween toy. >> it's a problem our consumerwatch team helped bring
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to light. julie watts explains. >> reporter: with its flashing blue eyes and piercing meow, it's the kind of toy kids like and parents could live without. parents like dr. peter carson who noticed his son was playing with a light-up black cat and doing what kids do. >> he was playing with it shining it in his eyes, my eyes and on the wall. >> reporter: that's when the san francisco dentist realized he had seen that type of light before in his dental office. he says it's remarkably similar to the blue light he uses to cure or harden the composite material used to fix teeth. except when he uses the light, he takes precautions. >> we have a shield that protects our eyes from the light. and obviously there's no protection from this. >> reporter: so he tried it and sure enough, the little cat turned a soft dab of dental composite rock hard. >> companies that built these have no business making something as bright as this.
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>> reporter: another doctor of the uc school of optometry tested the toy in his lab. he said if held close enough to an eye, the l.e.d. light could damage the retina. >> if it's held right against the eye it's four times higher than the permissible exposure. >> reporter: he says it is safe to use from a distance of 2" or more but try telling that to kids. >> i think the intended sues to hold it up to somebody turn it on and dazzle them with the bright lights and scare them with the sound. >> reporter: the company that sells the toy kicker land says it was unaware that the light could be a problem. it says it's contacting the manufacturer in china and asking them to replace the light with a weaker one immediately. but bottom line, if you have this toy and you have a small child, and you're worried that they may put this light anywhere near their eyes, experts say your best instead to take it away immediately. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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" became a death trap r birds" i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> it became a kind of a death trap for birds. >> flying into danger. some say it is the dirty little secret of clean energy. the changes to keep birds safe. we're going to have that and much more at 6:00. >> thank you for watching us at 5:00. >> a special edition of the cbs evening news tonight is next. scott pelley broadcasts fr


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